EDU 4530: Response to Philip Beadle Video

February 4, 2011

Philip Beadle was an interesting teacher that had many ideas and techniques to aid in student assesment.  He earned teacher of the year in his country, and the video really supported that honor. Many of the methods he utilized in his class challenged his students and helped them form logical connections that assisted them in deeply understanding the topics they were studying.

One of the most interesting methods he utilized in his class was argument tennis. Students were required to read a text, and form arguments based on one perspective from that particular text. They then presented their arguments to their peers, either face to face in pairs, or in a forum with representatives elected to argue a specific viewpoint. By using this method, Beadle encourages students to colloborate and hear alternative viewpoints. It also encourages students to critically think about the information they’ve digested and utilized their own particular viewpoints to inform an argument with or against their classmates. For Beadle, this provies many opportunities to check for understanding as at the various steps in this lesson, he would be able to check individual understanding through face to face arguments, and also group understanding through the forum debates.



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