Standard Reflection- P4

November 16, 2012

P4 – Practice the integration of appropriate technology with instruction.

Towards the beginning of my internship, my mentor teacher mentioned his challenges with organization. His desk is cluttered, at best, but it does little to negatively impact his teaching. However, there was one area that seemed in need of some better organization. His upper division class is regularly responsible for producing t-shirts and banners for schools and other groups. The way he had these tasks organized was to write each task in the constantly dwindling space on his whiteboard, already cluttered with numerous tasks that students were already responsible for. These tasks are assigned to particular students, must be completed within a certain time, and also have particular dimensions and numbers for production. This is extremely difficult to keep track of using only a whiteboard.

Moved to aid my mentor teacher, I suggested a website to organize the list. This was a task that I wasn’t immediately familiar with. Attempting a number of different methods, I eventually came up with a Google site, a free site building tool and hosting service, to make a list that could include the data on the board and more. My mentor was extremely enthusiastic about this tool and tried to integrate it into his class immediately.

Students and teachers still currently use this list, but are seeking to improve it by using even newer and better methods and technologies.

Standard P4 urges teachers to utilize appropriate technology to meet the needs of its class. By implementing this list, students are better able to understand the objectives of their assigned tasks, and it is easier for the teacher to keep track of progress and assignments. This works much better than my mentor teacher’s older method and he is already thinking of ways to improve upon this one.

I learned from using this tool that there are always better ways a teacher can implement technology within the classroom and to always be improving the systems we do have. By improving the way the database is handled, the list could be significantly improved for the teacher by providing more control and for the students by providing more content and information  As for what students took from this, I believe they have a better understanding of their responsibilities and will have to spend less time deciphering the previous system as the new system is much easier to use. It also includes more information for them and the teacher in an easier to manage function, so it makes both roles much more fluid and efficient. This also passes onto the students this idea of organization and accountability which prepares them better for life after school.