Principle H – Honor student diversity, development and their right to learn.

H1 – Honor student diversity and development.
Teacher-candidates plan and/or adapt learner centered curricula that engage students in
a variety of culturally responsive, developmentally, and age appropriate strategies.
H2 – Honor student access to content material.
Teacher-candidates use multiple instructional strategies, including the principles of
second language acquisition, to address student academic language ability levels and
cultural and linguistic backgrounds.
H3 – Honor the classroom/school community as a milieu for learning.
Teacher-candidates implement classroom/school centered instruction, including
sheltered instruction that is connected to communities within the classroom and the
school, and includes knowledge and skills for working with others.
H4 – Honor family/community involvement in the learning process.
Teacher-candidates inform, involve, and collaborate with families/neighborhoods, and
communities in each student’s educational process, including using information about
student cultural identity, achievement and performance.
H5 – Honor student potential for roles in the greater society.
Teacher-candidates prepare students to be responsible citizens for an environmentally
sustainable, globally interconnected, and diverse society.


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